Passion spells the difference for designer Gladys Young.  Her flair for jewelry design started with the collection of gemstones passed on from her mother, and was awakened when family friends enticed her to redesign jewelries for them.  Her skills and eye for detail were innate-- she comes from a family of artists.  Her great grandmother and grandmothers were also jewelers then, trading exquisite Spanish tambourine necklaces and coin bracelets.


G's craft is her art.  A highly motivated artist who draws inspiration from the atypical, and sees beauty in the most unusual subjects.  Geometrical shapes, brocades, mosaic, architectural structures, and furniture details from different period styles are most evident in her designs.  She explores on designing statement pieces that are bold, sometimes dainty and subdued, as well as the classics with a contemporary flair.  The fascinating world of design and its twisted forms, and the love for exquisiteness and the exceptional, is what drives her to create beautiful jewellery, leaping from the norms and deviating from conformity.  Her pieces carry an affluence of character.  


A tinge of vintage and eclectic, a splash of modern vibe, a spark of hope, and OVERDRIVE, as she puts it.