• To design is not solely to invent, nor is it just sketching out a proposed plan; it goes beyond mere aesthetics, driving the imagination forward and pushing limits to bring life to a concept.

    The evolution of VERO, Italian for genuine, was conceptualised in 2004.

    A fusion of style and luxury... captivating, enigmatic, bold.

    Each piece exhibits an allure that fascinates the attention of style mongers and icons alike. VERO takes into heart the sanctity of luxe style, creating pieces that are unique and edgy, yet timeless and elegant. Intricate and enthralling, these are set in precious metals-- gold and silver, bedecked with a variety of diamonds and gemstones sourced around the globe.

    VERO also prides in bringing new life to old, outdated jewellery; from melting, redesigning and reconstructing, to achieving only the best, statement pieces that make you beautiful.

    Committed to delivering personalised fine jewellery with careful evaluation of each individual's taste, personality, interest, and lifestyle, it carries one solid goal:


    Customised, extraordinary, and indeed, one-of-a-kind, VERO has placed a premium on the concept of investment pieces. A treasure that can be passed on as heirlooms; an iconic style that can last even for the stylish generations to come.